Track Title: Chandelier (Cover)

Artist: Sara Bareilles


HAVE YOU HEARD Sara Bareilles’s cover of Sia’s Chandelier, because it is goddamn AMAZING.

Drama is hard for me. Crying is much harder for me than laughter.

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"'Satellite Call' is a love song to the lonely. I was doing a lot of dreaming about sort of what it feels like to feel like you’re orbiting your own world you know, sort of anchor-less and weightless. I think that sometimes when things feels uncertain at least I feel that way, where I feel like I’m kinda floating above my own life, so this is a song for those who are in that space and feel like they don’t know where they belong yet, and it’s really a poem and a love song to them."

Sara Bareilles about Satellite Call (The Blessed Unrest track by track commentary)
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Do not challenge me to a sex stand off. I can channel all of my sexual energy into knitting. How do you think I made it through high school?

Shake Off the Dog Days
Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine vs. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

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