"We were forced into a room together for a chemistry test because the director wanted to get a feel for how we would get on, but there had been so many near attempts of us meeting and working together before, and we have so many mutual friends, that it felt right immediately.”

Track Title: Yellow (Coldplay cover)

Artist: Sara Bareilles

Album: BBC Live Lounge

12/100 Brilliant Covers

Sara Bareilles // Yellow (Coldplay cover)

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you

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"It is after all so easy to shatter a story. To break a chain of thought. To ruin a fragment of a dream being carried around carefully like a piece of porcelain."

— Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things
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"Starting when I was 12, we moved each one of my grandparents into a nursing facility. My parents went the same way. Make no mistake, we all die alone. Now those cult members in San Diego, with the sneakers and the Kool-Aid, they didn’t die alone. I’m just saying there are options." - Up in the Air (2009)

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I lost my shit at self-governing snakes.

"Only thinks of you as a friend."

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