Can someone teach me how to:

  • Stop feeling guilty about things that aren’t my fault
  • Have a thicker skin
  • Give myself the benefit of the doubt instead of believing the worst about myself always
  • Generally be a functional adult.
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I won’t make a bucket list because I’m so afraid that I’ll die and then people will find my bucket list and be, like, “Oh, she didn’t get to do that.”

Why does my hair never look like this??

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Track Title: Eve, The Apple Of My Eye

Artist: Bell X1

Album: Music From The O.C. Mix 4
Bell X1 | Eve, The Apple of My Eye [Single Version]

Now this applies both equally to you and I,
The only thing that we share is the same sky.

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I love buying new things but i hate spending money I’m so angry


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Counterparts // Debris

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"As an atheist, I see nothing “wrong” in believing in a God. I don’t think there is a God, but belief in him does no harm. If it helps you in any way, then that’s fine with me. It’s when belief starts infringing on other people’s rights when it worries me. I would never deny your right to believe in a God. I would just rather you didn’t kill people who believe in a different God, say. Or stone someone to death because your rulebook says their sexuality is immoral. It’s strange that anyone who believes that an all-powerful all-knowing, omniscient power responsible for everything that happens, would also want to judge and punish people for what they are."

— Ricky Gervais: “Why I’m an Atheist”