Perfectly Marvelous! Emma Stone Officially Confirms Starring Role in Broadway's Cabaret

I wish I could go see this!!

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when i was little i never thought that eyebrows would ever be this important to me.

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In other news, the solution to cramps is a warm guinea pig lying on your belly

I miss doing this :(
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I have stretch marks.


Reblog if you do too. Just to prove that it is more normal than what people actually think.

I have more than my mum and she’s had 4 children… including twins.

it’s weird when you think someone’s going to kiss you and then they don’t and you’re left wondering if you completely misread the situation.

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My dad is THE best.

I was meant to be going home on saturday morning, ready for a bit of a reunion night out with friends from home because we’re so rarely all together anymore, and then staying for the rest of the week before our family holiday to Devon the following week. But then I got a letter about a job interview here, when the interview date was originally tomorrow, but the interview is monday. So I was really disappointed, because I simply can’t afford to go home then come back then go home again, and I’d be silly to miss the interview opportunity, so I was going to have to miss this weekend altogether. But then last night I got a brilliant text from my mum that said that ‘Dad says Jeremy is a twats name’ (hahaa the guy I went on those dates with was called Jeremy) and that I should come home and my dad would cover the cost of the coach!! :D It also said he’d had some wine… haha. But this morning she said he meant it so I’ve booked :) Yay! It should be really nice. And tbh I’ll probably get more interview prep done on the coach that I would’ve just sat here over the weekend. I love my parents, they’ve been so so sweet to be recently <3

So instead of doing anything remotely productive for 95% of the day so far, all I’ve really done is buy these 2 t-shirts from H&M. Given that I have literally no money to spare, I have justified it by the folllowing facts: this summer so far I’ve been wearing the same very old tops and t-shirts (I’ve found holes in some) repeatedly so definitely need some basics replacing, the green one was on sale, I got 25% off the pink one with a discount code, and free delivery with another code. So that’s fine, right? I gonna attempt not to buy anymore food until I go home…

I feel like I need a nap.

When I’ve done nothing for most of the day… ughh, useless. I had a driving lesson this morning which was good but since then I have sat on my laptop doing nothing when I have loads of productive stuff I could be getting on with?! Like INTERVIEW PREP because I NEED A FUCKING JOB. Jeez. Sometimes I just despair at myself, and my life, in general :P

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Have recently read The Book Thief, and now going to start The God of Small Things :)

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