Oia -  Santorini - Greece (von Roy Cheung Photography)

I think Santorini is a place I need to visit…

I’ve booked

to go the theatre on my own next week. I think it’ll be kinda cool. I was brave and sent a group message seeing if anyone fancied it (brave because I swear no one ever comes to anything I organise) and as expected people either can’t or haven’t replied :P But it’ll be cool. Going to see a production of The Kite Runner which is one of my favourite books, and my sister saw the play earlier this week and said it was amazing. So then I looked it up and saw it was coming to where I live! So it’d be a waste not to see it. I have an exhausting couple of weeks coming up but that’ll be a nice treat in the middle of next week :)

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I spend so much time doing very little and then I go and try and do everything at once. Blergh.

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My hair is getting really long, yet it will never look like this :P

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I’m so annoyed

at my own uselessness! I should’ve been doing, and intended to do, some interview prep every day this week as I’m really scared about this interview/assessment stuff next week and because there’s a written part there’s extra stuff to revise. But I haven’t done any yet!! So stupid. I keep doing other practical productive stuff around my flat instead, which is just silly when I’m really scared and obv NEED a job. I think because I reckon it’s such a long shot anyway that I’m just putting it off because it might be pretty pointless anyway but that’s a stupid way of thinking about it, and it’s all useful stuff for any future interviews so it IS worth going over regardless! I meant to get up early this morning and get started but obviously that didn’t happen and now I’m just really irritated with myself :(

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Just found out that my friend who also has an assessment for the same job as me is doing hers the day before mine - relieved because there’s a group exercise that I feel like I’m gonna mess up and I’d rather not do it in front of someone I know :P Need to sort out how I’m gonna get there… I think the jobcentre will be able to help towards travel costs, so gonna go in tomorrow and ask about that. They might be able to help with that for the 2 weeks shadowing too! Which would be reallyy helpful. Fingers crossed. Really scared about this assessment though :(

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"May in Ayemenem is a hot, brooding month."

I’m reading this at the moment, except I started it a while ago and haven’t picked it up again lately. I am enjoying it so far though!


Just had a call inviting me to an ‘assessment day’ for a job that I didn’t expect to get anywhere with - which is good, but scary! It involves an hour long written test and a group exercise… worried I’m just gonna make a fool of myself and come across as clueless. Because I am, really. Now need to arrange my shadowing around that day, or just after. But it would’ve been useful to get the shadowing done before!! Too late now. Also I’m getting near taking my driving test I think, only one more manoeuvre to master than that’s it! Scary. Need to book my theory asap.

the f-word: a mix for fellow angry feminists (coverart inspired by)

01. flawless*** - beyoncé, 02. bad girls - m.i.a, 03. hollaback girl - gwen stefani, 04. sex yeah - marina and the diamonds, 05. that’s not my name - the ting tings, 06. she’s a genius - jet, 07. can’t hold us down - christina aguilera ft. lil’ kim, 08. one girl revolution - superchick, 09. u + ur hand - p!nk, 10. i love it (i don’t care) - icona pop ft. charli xcx, 11. she can get it - kevin rudolf, 12. i don’t need a man - the pussycat dolls, 13. really don’t care - demi lovato ft. cher lloyd, 14. salute - little mix

Just compiled this as an itunes playlist :)

When I can afford to get my hair cut (it desperately needs it!!) I’m thinking of getting it dyed like this too… though not as much blonde as this, just the ends. And my hair’s not this long! And not proper blonde, just a very light brown probs. I don’t know if it’d look good on me though!!

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Perfectly Marvelous! Emma Stone Officially Confirms Starring Role in Broadway's Cabaret

I wish I could go see this!!


when i was little i never thought that eyebrows would ever be this important to me.

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